Asian Massage In Altamonte Springs, FL

About My Dream SPA

The ultimate stress buster to your mind, body and soul

We are fourth generation traditional massage therapists with skills passed on from our grandparents. We've watched traditional massage treat illness and keep up the physical and mental prosperity of our community. With regards to our aggregate responsibility to quality, My Dream SPA’s staff of master-level back rub specialists have somewhere in the range of 5 to 10 years of successful practice in the massage industry. We welcome you to restore body and soul in our quiet, caring and supportive setting.

Our Dream

Our dream is to provide therapeutic treatments to the people of America thereby improving the wellbeing of our locals and neighbors through full body massage treatments. We offer signature treatments in a safe, tranquil and supporting environment with the help of licensed massage therapists. We treat sicknesses through various massage modalities and techniques thereby creating a positive vibration in our community.

Why Choose Us?

Natural And Organic Ingredients For Result Oriented Massage Treatments

At My Dream SPA, you can indulge your mind, body and soul for an hour with warm, natural oil during our relaxation massage session at unbeatable prices. The use of natural spa ingredients can deeply penetrate through the skin, thereby breaking down fatty cells. Make use of the free shower treatment facility in the privacy of your treatment room to make you feel glowing and vibrant.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are a leading spa provider that offers solution focused massage treatments to a wide range of people suffering from emotional distress, mental worries, physical ailments, etc. We suggest the best treatment that is delivered in our safe, secure and warm environment. Our leading licensed massage therapists will work on your pain points and promote physical well being. The use of 100% natural and organic spa ingredients help in providing result oriented massage treatments. Call 321-460-2331 for receiving luxurious spa treatments at affordable prices.

Welcome to My Dream SPA, situated in the Altamonte Springs region of Florida

You can now revive with extravagance body massages at the luxury of a calming and peaceful day spa. Treat yourself and enjoy a truly blissful experience - you deserve it. Explore our choice of back rubs and body treatments for an hour, thereby enabling you to float into a condition of total prosperity in our specialists' master hands. Visit us to enjoy an ultimate pampering experience. We guarantee that you are in safer hands!

Altamonte Springs’s Leading SPA - Body Massage With Free Table Shower

Leave your worries once you enter inside our tranquil spa! Once you visit, you will be warmly welcomed by our caring spa receptionists. The My Dream SPA is extremely committed towards its visitors and caters your requirements, offering an ultimate pampering session. We offer every single accessory required for the full body treatment including clothes and towels. After changing into the new spa attire, enjoy a heavenly unwinding massage. Visit My Dream SPA to enjoy an extreme tactile experience that is unique in centering and relieving both the psyche and body.

Touch Of Heaven

Modern Way To Healing And Relaxation

Bring back the youthful flow with our signature full body massage treatments. Our signature treatment sessions are uniquely intended to focus on the impacts of pressure - tight and aching muscles, anxiety and tension headaches general nervousness. Using natural oils and hot towels, you get a full body rub with a complete focus on the energy lines. As the herbal oil penetrates through your muscles, it produces a soothing relaxation to your mind, body and soul. Finally you’ll feel totally invigorated, restored and calm.

Call 321-460-2331 and book your favorite Asian massage in Altamonte Springs, FL with free table shower services at unbeatable prices

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