Best Asian Massage In Lake Mary, FL

Pay $60 For 30 Minute Spa Massage

Get a thirty minute massage for just $60 and let our therapists perform various blends of massage techniques and strokes for improved blood and lymphatic circulation. This massage is best to boost immune system, reduce inflammation, remove stress, eliminate stress and improves sleep and well being. Make use of our free table shower services also.

Get 60 Minute Massage Treatment For Just $80

At our spa, we charge only $80 for an hour therapeutic massage session with free table shower service. Our dedicated spa professionals from My Dream SPA will make your feel comfortable at our tranquil, safe and relaxing atmosphere. Various blends of strokes and techniques are performed to fight off sickness, ease back pain and sleep soundly.

Swedish Massage

The popular massage plays a major role in relieving stress, promote relaxation and increase circulation. This massage helps to address a client’s health both mentally and physically to promote good health and wellbeing.

Oil Relaxing Massage

By inhaling the necessary molecules from fundamental oils, your senses are invigorated and help in improved blood circulation. As a result energy blockages are released and promote deeper relaxation to your mind, body and soul.

Shiatsu Massage

The Japanese finger pressure therapy uses thumbs, fingers, feet and palms to restore the body’s balanced energy flow. The holistic healing approach allows our therapist to apply rhythmic pressure to specific body points to relieve pain and tension.

Body Pain Massage

In this session, slow strokes are applied using deep finger pressure to help you get relief from chronic muscle pain, neck stiffness, sore shoulders, and anxiety. Major hand movements like mild punching and kneading are also performed for relaxation.

Free Table Shower Treatment

During the free hot shower treatment, melatonin is released making you feel relaxed, help to relieve pressure and induce sleep. This is much beneficial for those suffering from sinus problems, asthma and bronchitis. It is an absolute method of removing impurities and cleansing the body.

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